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Jourmal of Propulsion Technology (JPT) is a leading academic journal in the field of propulsion. Since first published in 1980, it has earned growing academic influence and reputation both in China and abroad. JPT covers all disciplines in the field of propulsion, including aviation, aerospace and navigation. It is devoted to publishing both original papers and review papers written either in Chinese or English. JPT focuses on analytical, computational and experimental progresses in all areas of propulsion. Its scope involves, but is not limited to, a variety of topics such as: aerodynamics, system design and theory, turbo-machinery, combustion, heat transfer, structure, strength, vibration, thermal protection, advanced materials, control, propellant, fuel, fault diagnosis and monitoring in relevant to turbojet engines, turbofan engines, ramjet engines, solid rocket motors, liquid rocket engines, pulse detonation engines, electric propulsion, laser propulsion, nuclear propulsion, combined propulsion and warship propulsion.

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